Meet Dr. R. Watanabe

Welcome to Arbor Dental Group! I am proud to be a founding member of Arbor Dental Group, which was started in 1980. Our group philosophy provides patients a wide range of providers and services to give open options for appointment times and treatment consultations. Our core philosophy is to offer excellence in family dental care in a friendly, warm environment.

My interest in dentistry began at a very early age. A dentist spoke to our fourth-grade class about oral hygiene and proper nutrition. This inspired me to write an article about proper oral healthcare and nutrition, which was published in the school newsletter. I was also inspired, as a teenager, by my next-door neighbor who was our family dentist. He was kind enough to talk to me about a career in dentistry and gave me advice regarding the educational path to take to become a dentist. I focused on the goal of being a part of the dental profession throughout college and was excited when it became a reality. The profession has proved to be everything I had hoped.

As a dentist, I love having a close one-on-one working relationship with people. I enjoy improving their oral and general health, self-image, appearance, and confidence.

The dental profession, as in other medical fields, is constantly evolving. Paper records and charts, chemically developed radiographs, and impression materials have evolved into a new technology of computer data, digital radiographs, and digital CAD/CAM imaging. Dental materials have been developed that provide improved aesthetics and durability. Technology has provided innovative ways of tooth replacement.

It has been exciting to see the constant evolution and innovations of the profession. What has not changed, though, is my goal to give an interactive, patient-centric dental experience. Treatment plans are customized and carefully planned to keep in mind the individual needs and desires of each patient.

I, as well as the other members of Arbor Dental Group, am dedicated to providing precise care of the highest quality possible with a calm, gentle, comfortable experience using the most current technology available.

DDS: Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, Cleveland, OH

Member: American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Orange County Dental Society